March 13, 2023

Why be interested in NoCode?

If NoCode development is gaining ground today, it's because it's a practical solution for most digital project owners or companies. Focus on the advantages of developing in NoCode to help you decide if it is a good idea for you or not.

One of the 6 advantages of using NoCode: ease and therefore speed

Indeed, ease of execution always rhymes with speed. Rapid development is not a false promise when it comes to NoCode.

As the name implies, all the technical and arduous side of coding has no place in the NoCode domain. Whether you are a freelancer or a company owner, one person can do the development work, because it is just a matter of drag and drop.

And therefore, it is quite normal that a few hours are enough to get a product, unlike the old method. The latter may indeed require you to be very patient for a few days or even a month before you can bring a project to fruition.

NoCode is affordable in terms of cost

If you plan to develop a website in Webflow, unlike a development done by competent profiles in this field, you can make substantial savings. Indeed, the cost is largely reduced compared to the developers' fees.

NoCode ensures the health of your digital project

Developing in NoCode is not limited to the fact that you can easily and quickly create web applications or e-commerce sites. In fact, everything associated with the life of your digital project can be managed with NoCode. In short, NoCode can be used for medium to long term projects.

Here is everything you can do with NoCode:

Add features that are essential for the proper functioning of your site without code;

Change the target audience as well as the sector of your web application or your site;

Maintain the application, whether it is an update or modification.

NoCode encourages evolution

If you are a company, then the exploitation of NoCode allows you to encourage evolution on many levels. To mention only the development in terms of team cohesion, because it is possible to make a team work within the company to develop in NoCode.

If you are working alone on your project without code, then you can use NoCode to boost your creativity and simply make your brain work.

NoCode is the future

As mentioned above, NoCode is now finding its place in the field of software development. More and more companies and entrepreneurs are starting to be interested in NoCode development.

Thus, we can hope that NoCode will be around for years to come. Of course, many new features and innovations will undoubtedly appear, which will further expand the potential of NoCode in terms of website development or web applications.

And what else?

For large scale NoCode development projects, you can count on the know-how and the mastery of a NoCode agency like Kreante.

Indeed, there are certain limits of NoCode which include for example essential functionalities for the propulsion of your web application or your future project.

That's why Kreante, holder of more than 80 Bubble development projects and more than 10 WebFlow projects, can carry out any creation of website without code or web application. 

Citizen Seven for example represents a site developed by Bubble by us. It's a site that puts forward an original concept, by connecting travelers and destination places, according to the personality of the tourists. 

By visiting the site, you can see that the development without code or NoCode has nothing to envy to the fruit of the classic development. So why hesitate? 

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