January 9, 2023

Are you interested in NoCode? You have often heard about it, especially about the strong points of this type of programming and you wish to deepen your knowledge on the subject? You are on the right page. We are going to list all the terms you need to know, in alphabetical order.


API or Application Programming Interface is the solution adopted in NoCode development to allow products and services to communicate data.


Automation refers to a system that automatically combines different tools to make work faster and more efficient.

Back Office

It gathers the tools that ensure the management of the showcase site or the Web application.


It is a group of data that can be viewed at any time, but also changed or deleted.


This is a hidden facet of the showcase site in Webflow that is unavailable to visitors because the data is worked on there.

Bounce rate

This is a reference in terms of bounce rate and allows to see how many people have visited a page on the site, without having taken the time to see other content.


The Cloud refers to the possibility of benefiting from various computer services through the Internet only.

CMS or Content Management System

It is a system for creating, administering and "refreshing" websites in order to improve them.


It is a code that is made of letters and numbers and is particularly different from the password.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management

It refers to a customer relationship management software.


This is a term that refers to the communication between the client and the server. As an example, the client can refer to the Internet page visited by a user on a web browser that communicates with the website server in the cloud.

Source code

This is a set of readable text files that highlight instructions written in a programming language.

Data Base

This is a database that lists all the organized data. To give you an idea of what a database is, the closest example is the Excel sheet.

Domain Name System

This is a system that allows the translation of Internet domain names into IP addresses.

EMS or Email Marketing System

It is a software specifically designed to help automate the management and transfer of emails.

Dev Environment

A NoCode development environment is a collection of tools that are essential for developers who create software.


Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP is a software that manages the processes of a company.


In contrast to the Back-End, this is everything that can be viewed on the screen and with which one can interact. Examples include HTML, Javascript and CSS.


Like a kind of library, it is an access to several tools and libraries for NoCode developers.

Growth Hacking

As its name suggests, it is about marketing strategies that allow to launch and boost the visibility of a business.


This is the link between two or more elements (programming interface).


It is the fusion of NoCode and code.

Graphic model

These are the most accomplished visual products of a web application or a site and which represent a preview of the final rendering of the web pages, on different digital media.


The minimum viable product designates a product that is obtained without colossal efforts, but that can already be presented to customers.


It is a model of user interface.


It is a new approach to web development that exempts lines of code to create applications and sites, like any other digital product.


It is a feed that comes in the form of a text file including the titles of the latest posts on a website as well as links.


Software as a Service is a type of management that favors the subscription to online software.


These are all the tools used to develop a digital product.


This is the time between the creation of a product and its commercialization.

User Flows

It is the set of steps followed by a user to reach something.


User Experience is the behavior of the user in front of a service or a product.


It is the user interface that is more oriented towards the functional aspect.


It is a set of tasks that a team must ensure, according to a specific scenario and to be respected to the letter.

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