March 13, 2023

Among the "bests" of NoCode development tools, is surely not foreign to you anymore. Indeed, it is the secret of the success of some existing websites.

Very easy to use and particularly recommended for the creation of web applications, Bubble development is a wise choice. Thanks to the many well thought-out features that are integrated into it, you can manage the front-end of your website like a real developer.

To help you get started with the use of this NoCode tool, you can train yourself with the tutorials, but also get inspired by the pre-designed templates. The only drawback is that can be quite difficult to master. 

That's why you need a specialist in the field to make your website or web application creation project via Bubble development a success. Kreante is one of the leaders in the NoCode development sector with more than 80 Bubble projects to its credit. 

Among the Bubble works of Kreante, discover: 

  • Icono Class which is a site offering trades training for individuals and businesses. Like all websites, Icono Class can interact with users by offering some features such as direct registration to the training. It is also possible to become a partner of Icono Class.
  • Citizen Seven is also a Bubble product from Kreante that combines adventure and personality.  

As for the price of Bubble, count 25 dollars per month for a personal project and 115 dollars for a professional project (annual rate).

Webflow: a popular NoCode tool to develop in NoCode

Webflow development is one of the best tools for rapid development. Its slogan is "What if you could design the web, with your mind?" and this promise is well kept.

If web design and attention to detail are two things that are particularly important to you, then Webflow is the right address. Depending on your needs and motivations, you can start from scratch or be inspired by predefined templates.

With webflow, you can design a Webflow website or even an online store according to your imagination and your requirements, without having to touch any line of code. It costs $14 per month for a personal use, for one month.

Kreante has designed more than 10 Webflow projects that can compete well with conventionally designed sites. Among them, let's mention Paradiso Media which is a podcast site or 

Adalo : THE reference for the design of applications in NoCode

If your project is the design of mobile applications which is not also a trivial project, then you can count on the power of NoCode development with Adalo.

Here are some important things to know about Adalo for your NoCode project:

Adalo allows you to develop in NoCode web applications that are directly operational and that you can download on the stores (Apple Store, Play Store, etc.);

Imagine screen by screen your future application by integrating features already proposed;

For each button that redirects to a page, you can determine its action, but also in relation to the database;

Benefit from numerous widgets that you can download;

Training is provided, but you also benefit from an ultra-intuitive interface to guide you in your first step with Adalo;

Count $45 per month with a monthly plan, but a free rate to get to know Adalo.

This is a NoCode tool that specializes in automation and is especially popular with companies that are moving into the technology field.

The idea is to insert robots to automate all the tasks and for this you can rely on the power of drag and drop to create and develop in NoCode.

Notion is the best companion for companies

Notion is the best companion for companies, because it is a tool for rapid development, but above all it allows the team and the whole company to better strengthen collaboration, to better manage and create tasks or to facilitate the monitoring of processes.

Notion is the access to flexibility and better teamwork, which makes it a great tool for everyone who works in the office.

NoCode Stack 2023: the most recommended tools for each NoCode project

For NoCode development of websites or web applications: HubSpot CMS,,, Carrd, PageCloud, AppyPie, Wordpress, etc.

For forms: Jotform

For interactive guides: Walnut, Userguiding...

For project management: Airtable,, Coda, etc.

For automation: Zapier,, Make, etc.

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