Webflow Vs Wordpress: which tool should you choose to create your website in NoCode?

53 and 1... These are the key figures you need to know. 53% refers to the number of sites created on the Wordpress platform, versus 1% for Webflow. Webflow, which appeared 10 years after Wordpress, is now a reliable and powerful choice.

Both tools enable users to dynamically design, manage and update web applications. Here's a comparison to help you make the right choice

2 tools, two different purposes

Both CMS, or Content Management Systems, are renowned the world over. Both are high-performance tools for rapid NoCode development. Although they are often confused, they are not the same thing.  

Wordpress, the most widely used CMS

Wordpress is designed to deliver a unique site with powerful functionality at an affordable price. The company's aim is to democratize the website, and so far it has kept its promises. As we saw earlier, it has a 53% market share.

Webflow, the most powerful CMS

In turn, Webflow promises users rapid, pixel-perfect development of your site, with no need for any lines of code.

Benefits reported by users

The strong points of Webflow

Users are won over by Webflow's ease of use. There's no need to download it. Simply create an account on webflow.com to create a Webflow showcase site. Webflow's web design features are far more advanced and compatible with a wide range of fields, including fashion, sports, marketing and more.

Thanks to the drag-and-drop page generator, there's no need to use plugins for web design.

The advantages of Wordpress

Wordpress is more complicated to get to grips with, as it has its limitations. On the other hand, its autonomy is much more appreciated. More than 55,000 extensions are available in the Wordpress directory, covering a wide range of areas such as performance, security, design, etc.

Beginners are more at ease with this tool than with Webflow.

Wordpress is less expensive than its counterpart.  

Final words

Your choice depends on your NoCode development needs. It's hard to say which is better. Kreante, expert in Webflow and Bubble development, is a good example.

They'll provide you with a turnkey site, tailored to your profile and needs, and train you on how to manage it.‍

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