March 13, 2023

NoCode: understanding the notion of scalability

For a few years, NoCode has occupied a prominent place in the field of digital creation. Indeed, individuals as well as companies are more and more seduced by the NoCode development solution, given the many advantages associated with it. If developing in NoCode is an interesting alternative on many levels, what is sure is that it will be effective over a determined period. The question is: is NoCode scalable?

Indeed, all those who have invested in NoCode tools want to know if this solution can follow the evolution of the company or the growth of the digital project developed. Whether it is in terms of functionality, data volume management, traffic management or even "security", as long as the tools evolve, NoCode can be considered as scalable. But there are some important factors to focus on to make this happen.

How can you make your NoCode builder keep up with the growth of your business?

As mentioned above, the limit of NoCode is the builder's ability to keep performing despite the increasing number of users, visitors. It is important to know that relying only on the evolution of NoCode platforms, whether you are doing Bubble development or Webflow development, is not enough.

You need to consider two important points and try to work on them to be able to optimize the scalability of the NoCode platform:

  • A thoroughly researched and designed database;
  • A well thought out and operational user interface

Why is it important to always test?

Even if the testing phase is already taken care of by the geniuses behind each NoCode platform, you should focus the testing on your side, on the most crucial facets of the NoCode tool.

Focus on new features

The features make the Weblfow website or web application work. Thanks to the useful and innovative features, you can build user or visitor loyalty.

As a digital project leader, you must always be innovative and responsive. Your goal is to test your concepts and bring them to life, but also to engage new subscribers and bring about change.

To achieve this, you need to be patient, responsive to user feedback and opinions, and evolve as the market grows.

Can you ensure the scalability of the NoCode tool without backup?

It can be quite difficult to ensure the scalability of NoCode without the support of a professional in the field. That's why you can count on a NoCode agency to provide you with the best advice and to accompany you properly throughout your digital project under NoCode development.

You can count on a NoCode agency expert in the sector like Kreante to scale the fruit of your NoCode development. 

Kreante is a specialist in Bubble tools with more than 80 projects completed, but also Webflow with a portfolio of more than 10 projects worldwide. 

Here is an overview of Kreante's achievements in terms of Bubble development and Webflow development:

  • Paradiso Media is a podcast site that is expanding internationally. It is a site developed by Kreante via Webflow and thus allows many users to listen to audios focused on original stories. 
  • Citizen Seven is a site that brings together travelers and locals based on a personality test. It is a site designed via Bubble. 

Important to know

Be aware that if you are planning a large-scale project that will probably engage a large number of users, then NoCode may not be perfectly scalable. Remember to choose the NoCode platform carefully to make sure you can achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

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